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  • Great stereo sound quality
  • Microphone & Remote with volume & control
  • Metal noise cancelling earphones
  • Free shipping
  • model# SPEB112

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About this product

The Jade Series Metal earphones are equipped with a full remote that includes volume control with excellent sound quality. Make/Take calls and Play/Pause music with click of a button.

  • For outdoor sports or regular use
  • Enhanced audio and bass
  • Noise reduction and echo cancellation
  • High quality, light-weight materials
  • Compatible with iPhones and smartphones


  • Comfortable eartips
  • Passive noise cancelling
  • Metal hosing
  • Volume control
  • In-Line mic & track control
  • 10mm driver


  • Driver =10mm
  • Frequency = 20HZ-20KHz
  • Impedance =320 HMS
  • Input Power =5mW
  • Jack Type =3.5mm gold plated
  • 3 Size Eartips - SML/MED/LRG

Customer Reviews

The Jade Series

5 5 1
The Jade Series is the top of the line for Spiderbuds earphones. Arriving in the cool green Alien-inspired packaging, the earbuds themselves were also green tipped with a metallic finish and black cord. Aside from being noise cancelling, they are also well-equipped to be your choice for mobile use. These in-ear headphones feature an in-line microphone, as well as an in-line controller that allows you to adjust the volume, change tracks, and operate the basic functions of your phone calls. This is a great value for the MSRP of just under $30. How they were tested: Everyone has different types of gadgets and uses for earbuds. They were tested on two different Android smartphones, three tablets, a Windows-based laptop, and even a desktop computer to ensure compatibility. The recorded sounds came from iTunes, Google Play and YouTube and were tested with the following genres: Hip hop, Rhythm and Blues, Blues, Classic Rock, Metal, World, Classical, eLearning, downloaded movies and games. Durability: One of the biggest complaints I’ve seen with earbuds is that some may fall apart if dropped or used too frequently. Keeping in mind the typical wear and tear for this type of product, each of the three series went through the same durability challenge. They were dropped, thrown, and placed on the bottom of a backpack filled with books. The second step was for continued usage, so they were placed in ear with removal by tugging or pulling. Upon completion, each set of earbuds was tested again for sound quality. The housing remained intact, the cords did not pinch or fray, and there were no broken parts. All passed with flying colors. The overall construction for the Spiderbuds is excellent. As for sound quality, they are good for the money spent, unlike others in the same price range.

Well worth the price

5 5 1
Comfortable, both the earbuds and the mic work with a PC and Android. The sound into the buds is great, and the sound out of the mic is great. Well worth the price.

Highly Recommend this Earphones

5 5 1
These earphones are worth every cent. Sound quality is amazing and they are very comfortable to wear. Remote controls work perfectly with my iPhone. There is also a volume control, next track, previous track function. I highly recommend this earphones that cost under $30.


5 5 1
I absolutely love these headphones! I bought them for school and for working out and they give me the quality of sound that I require when I need to close the outside world out. Amazing noise cancelling. Definitely would recommend these for anyone.

Best headphones in this price range

5 5 1
These are probably the best sounding and most comfortable headphones I have ever owned. I should say that I am not out there spending lots of money on headphones so we are talking about other headphones in this price range. They provide additional ear adapters if they don't fit right but I found that they were very comfortable as is. I tried them in several devices and found that the controls for volume and pause worked in most of them. The iPhone4 and iPad worked great. I also tried several music types and they all sounded good. My conclusion is that when my wife loses her headphones (yes, it happens every few months) that these will be the next pair I get. Why get her these? Because when she loses her own she steals mine and I like these for myself.

I am very satisfied...

5 5 1
Has great sound love the quality great price feels very comfortable in my ears. Excellent earphones. If you buy one of these, you won't spend tons of $$$ for an expensive over rated earphones anymore.

Good Job

5 5 1
Before this purchase I previously had 3 Monster (Dr. Dre) earbuds. I use them all the time and keep pulling the wire or step on it. Each time I spent $200. Then I saw the Spider at Las Vegas Expo early this month. The price is about $30 but the quality is same if not better. When I was told how much they cost, I was hesitant and I thought these are the cheap quality kind, I was wrong. When I put these one they were pretty comfortable, volume button, microphone and metal casing. No complaints so far. Great sound quality and look. VERY CLEAR. Now I can buy many with the money I spent on one Monster.


5 5 1
These headphones are incredible. I cannot overstate their value. The sound is great and I love the color and don't hurt my ears when worn for an extended time. I highly recommend Spider.

What a Quality. AMAZING

5 5 1
My boss gave me this earbuds (Green Color) for Christmas. I fell in love with the package and the color. Then I opened it and plugged it into my iPhone, I was amazed with the sound quality. I couldn't keep it away from my two sons. So I purchased two more for my boys. They love it so much and they have it always in their ears. Only bad thing is that they can't hear me when I call them. Well I guess the noise isolation must be very good. LOL

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